[96] Transferring its form into the lure, Grand Fisher escapes. [201] This mood lasts until the arrival of a Gotei 13 expeditionary force under the command of Tōshirō Hitsugaya. When they are found by several Reigai, Ichigo, with his fluctuating Reiatsu continuing to impair him, agrees to rely on Nozomi's Zanpakutō. Congratulating him on his success, Urahara says he is now a complete Shinigami. [196] When Ichigo, seeming depressed, returns from school, he, brushing off his family's concerns, goes to his room, where he contemplates still being able to hear his inner Hollow, and how it has been becoming worse lately.[197]. When they arrive at the shop, they find Sado waiting for them, and Ichigo, asking where Uryū is, says he had heard he was coming too. [211][212] As Chappy explains Rukia's Zanpakutō to him, they are confronted by Grimmjow. When Ichigo asks if it would stop if Tsukishima were to die, Kūgo, telling Ichigo he does not know, asks if Ichigo could kill him despite this. Yamamoto notes he must have thought carefully about using that phrase. Reminding Ichigo he is the one the woman he loved gave her life to protect, he, telling him to live his life well, leaves. As they leave to dispatch them, Ichigo encounters Rurichiyo Kasumiōji, who is attacked by Hollows. Hollow Mask: Ichigo's Hollow mask has the appearance of what could best be described as a menacing skull. [426] As Kūgo and Ichigo continue to fight, Kūgo asks him what he is fighting for, which confuses Ichigo. Thanking her, Ichigo, going to the Urahara Shop, shows Urahara his healed wounds. [297], An angry Ichigo listens as Aizen, stating he believed Ichigo to be the perfect subject for his research, claims all of Ichigo's victories were by his own doing. [11] Ichigo's appearance has caused several people, including Jūshirō Ukitake, to note a similarity to Kaien Shiba, the former lieutenant of the 13th Division. Returning home to find Hebi on the floor, Ichigo mentions Renji, causing an argument which wakes Karin and causes Hebi to run off. [72] Explaining the origins of Hollows, Rukia states Orihime Inoue is in danger, as Hollows often attack their relatives. As he prepares for Byakuya's subsequent attack, Byakuya, appearing behind him, stabs him. After leaving him with Orihime, Ichigo, finding Nozomi, convinces her to retreat. After arriving home late for the last two nights, Ichigo returns to the Kurosaki Clinic late once again, to the delight of Karin and Yuzu, whom he urges to go to bed, as it is late. Ichigo flees his home in horror at Tsukishima's manipulation. When hey are attacked by Renji and Ikkaku, their fight is brought to a close by Yoruichi, who seals Renji and Ikkaku with Kidō. Absorbing almost all of Rukia's power, Ichigo, making short work of the Hollow, collapses afterwards.[68][69]. [200], After his failure against Yammy, Ichigo becomes depressed that he cannot protect his friends. [117] After school, Ichigo follows Uryū as he leaves. [290] As Ichigo begins to waiver, Sajin Komamura, appearing beside him, tells Ichigo not to be taken in by Aizen's words. [490] Yhwach attempts to destroy both of them, but Ichigo stops him, allowing Yoruichi to move in and begin the process of replacing the Soul King. [389] At Ichigo's behest, Riruka restores him to his normal size. [172], Coercing Byakuya into using his Bankai, Ichigo, unable to keep up just using his Shikai, reveals his own Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, and uses his increased speed to outmaneuver Byakuya's Bankai. When Kūgo asks if Ichigo trusts him, Ichigo says he is probably not a normal Human. Bankai is the second and final evolved stage of the Zanpakutō. Ichigo insists he is fine with his now peaceful life.[370]. Tatsuki found him there, where he would stay from morning until night, wandering along the bank as if searching for his mother, squatting down if he was tired and then wandering some more.[59]. [125], As the two begrudgingly work together, Ichigo, telling him his approach to their fight is endangering the people he wants to protect, says he will not forgive him for that. [90] Sensing the Reiatsu of a Hollow, Ichigo realizes the twins are easy targets. When he fails to remember him, Ichigo states he neither wants to nor cares about his past. After failing to grab hold of the girl, Ichigo lost consciousness for a time. Karin tells him she saw the Plus' memories, and he saw his mother being murdered. As a reluctant Ichigo enters the mansion, his family and friends, greeting him, tell a shocked Ichigo he should be happy Tsukishima is not angry, urging him to apologize. Going to the 12th Division barracks, Ichigo and Rukia come across information regarding Nozomi, who was present in the Dangai. When Renji, refusing to hand over Rukia, is wounded by Aizen, Ichigo arrives to fight against the treacherous captain. Stopping Grimmjow's attack, Ichigo slashes him. [126] Seeing its size, Ichigo, questioning if it is in fact a Hollow, is shocked to see it eating the nearby Hollows. When Izuru Kira, appearing, disables the Doll, Koga retreats. After a moment of collecting their thoughts, Ichigo, Orihime, Sado, Ganju and Yoruichi are launched towards the Soul King Palace. He tells him to go home until they are ready for the next stage of training. Renji Abarai unleashes his Shikai against Ichigo. However, Yhwach is interrupted when Uryū fires the silver arrowhead through his chest, to the surprise of both him and Ichigo. When Nnoitra kicks Nel, the enraged Ichigo, attacking again, is slammed into the ground. As Ichigo's friends all do the pose, Ichigo tells Keigo he is not going to the live recording of Ghost Bust at the abandoned hospital in Karakura, despite his attempts to convince him to go. [131] At 2:00 a.m., Ichigo, wondering whether she is going to return that night, notes it would be nice not to have Shinigami duties to carry out for once. He says he wants to become stronger so he can defeat Hollows, protect those who are targeted, and defeat Grand Fisher; otherwise, he will not be able to face Masaki. After he is defeated by Ichigo, he transforms into a huge dome-like creature which engulfs Ichigo as it grows. As Ichigo tries to stop Amagai from taking his own life, Byakuya makes Ichigo understand he needs to let Amagai repent the best way he feels possible. Ichigo drags his past self out of the Kōtotsu. [142], Congratulating him on clearing the lesson, Urahara asks if Ichigo is still having trouble breathing or moving, which he is not. Copyright © 2021 Multiply Media, LLC. Understanding Byakuya was trying to restore his family's honor, Ichigo tells him to concentrate on Kōga while he deals with the Hollows. As he leaves, Kūgo tells Ichigo to go to the Urahara Shop. Shrugging off Riruka's complaints, Ichigo, saying he does not even understand the situation yet, asks how this will help him regain his Shinigami powers, and how he can suddenly use a power he has never used before. Kūgo further states Tsukishima's ability prevented Ichigo from suspecting him. When they go to Urahara for help, they learn Yoruichi went to Soul Society three days previously and has not been heard from since, despite her intending to return immediately. Orihime asks Ichigo about Rukia's disappearance. Ichigo is joined by Uryū and Sado, and, after some convincing, the trio agree to help each other rescue Orihime. [261], Rurichiyo returns to Soul Society on her own, and on the day of her wedding to Shū Kannogi, Ichigo and company enter the family compound to retrieve Rurichiyo, who does not respond to Ichigo's calls. He had been in a car accident, and was covered in blood. Ichigo greeted by the captains upon his return to Soul Society. Seeing Ichigo hurt, Nel, transforming into her adult form, battles Nnoitra, but eventually reverts to her child form. The following day, Ichigo, noting Sado's memory has been erased, receives a Gikongan from Rukia, who, after explaining its purpose, forces him to try one. After explaining how this happened, Ichibē asks Ichigo to stop Yhwach from killing the Soul King as Ichigo and his friends rush toward the main palace.[486]. [108] When Ichigo's sword becomes embedded in the Hollow's shoulder, it drags him up to the roof. Fleeing his house, Ichigo, wondering whether what is going on is Tsukishima's ability, runs into Ikumi, who takes him to her store to let him calm down and talk about it. [423], After Kūgo grants the other members of Xcution part of Ichigo's Fullbring, Ichigo attacks them all. [350], After Urahara reveals the captains have safely made it to Soul Society, Ichigo, pleading with Urahara to send him too, says he cannot sit idly by. [394] When they did so, he, killing the Shinigami and those who gave him their power, disappeared. [577] During his first demonstration of this skill, he knocked out three lieutenants and grabbed his Zanpakutō before any of them hit the ground. In which Year did physics education came to Liberia? [175] As Aizen takes Rukia by the collar, Ichigo interrupts him, and Aizen tells Ichigo how he had planned every move from the beginning for his goal; obtaining the Hōgyoku. He tells Ichigo it might put a serious strain on his soul. Yhwach reveals that Ichigo made a miscalculation by believing that the future is linear and explains that it diverges in countless directions from a given point in time like grains of sand in the wind. [101] The following Wednesday, Ichigo accompanies his family to watch Ghost Bust being filmed. [81] Asking him how it feels to be unable to move or fight and if he can savor what it is like to be murdered, Ichigo cuts through his head, and Shrieker is pulled into Hell. [291] Reluctantly resolving to trust in his allies and watch for now, Ichigo waits for an opening as Aizen defeats some of the Shinigami.[292][293]. "[380] Ichigo is given a complex dialing sequence to follow, which puts him through to Kūgo. Shikai is far from enough; Ichigo will activate bankai to keep up, and now he can avoid the worst of All Might's barrage of fists. Renji, Chad, and Rukia arrive to fight them so Ichigo can continue on. [536] After returning from the Soul King Palace, Ichigo has refined his skill in Shunpo, moving several miles in a single leap while simultaneously bypassing the perception of multiple Sternritter. Er neigt dazu, Hemden mit der Nummer 15 zu tragen, weil sein Name ein Homonym für die Nummer ist. As he leaves, Ichigo says goodbye to his sisters. Since then, the number of people he wishes to protect has continued to grow, causing Ichigo to risk his life to protect both the people close to him and complete strangers. When Jackie says they will abort the training, as Ichigo's Fullbring is going berserk in a way she has never seen before, Ichigo is adamant in continuing. [366] Later, Ichigo, given back his Shinigami badge, returns home with his friends.[367]. His overall skill allows him to fight evenly against sword masters of Byakuya Kuchiki and Kenpachi Zaraki's caliber. [87] That night, the Kurosakis hold a family meeting to discuss their trip to Masaki's grave the following day. After Rukia explains about Hell, she tells the Plus they will send him to Soul Society, and Ichigo says he might see his mother there.[82]. When Ichigo awakens in Urahara's shop, Urahara tells him his wounds are not yet fully healed, and if he moves too much, he may die. [417] When Ichigo rushes to see if Kūgo is alright, Kūgo insists he is a comrade. Seeing this, Ichigo realizes this is what happened to him before on the rooftops, and Kūgo explains Yukio's Fullbring. Ichigo says that Yhwach is not his real father lambasts the Quincy for killing his mother.[508]. He has repeatedly caught an opponent's weapon strikes with a single hand. When Ganju confronts him over this, Ichigo stops him and agrees with Yukio's decision before telling Riruka to stay behind as well in order to protect Yukio. Combined with his speed, he effortlessly knocked out three lieutenants in rapid succession, while bare-handed, with a single strike each before the first lieutenant even touched the ground. As Ichigo tries to resume fighting, he is stopped by Sado, who tells him Tsukishima is too far ahead of him, and he cannot win in his current state. [80] When Rukia releases him from his body, he, injuring Shrieker, notices small creatures nearby, and is told they spit out explosive leeches. [507] Ichigo approaches Yhwach, who can see his monstrous Reiatsu emanating from his body, and Yhwach wonders what Ichigo will do. He tells Ichigo he does not have to hide it, and his feeling this pain means this is who he is. [168] Upon his arrival, he confronts Byakuya, but, knowing Ichigo is not ready to fight someone of Byakuya's caliber, Yoruichi, stopping the fight, incapacitates Ichigo, swearing to make Ichigo stronger than Byakuya in three days. Catching Ichigo before he hits it, Tessai cushions him from the impact. When Ichigo asks if there is another Shinigami defeating the Hollows before him, Rukia tells him Shinigami are strictly sorted, and it should not be the case. [224][225][226] When tending to Ichigo's wounds, the Visored Hachigen Ushōda reveals Ichigo's spiritual power has been contaminated somewhat by Grimmjow's, and, at his behest, Rukia takes Ichigo home to recover. [500], Soon afterwards, he encounters Askin and demands to know what happened to Grimmjow. When his sisters were born, he began attending a dojo for the sake of protecting them. Going home, Ichigo is met at the door by Yuzu, who says they have a surprise guest. As Ururu Tsumugiya, Tessai Tsukabishi, Jinta Hanakari, and Urahara arrive to fight the Hollows, Urahara tells Ichigo to concentrate on fighting the Menos. Using some Hollow bait to cause Hollows to gather in Karakura Town, Uryū states the one who defeats the most Hollows within twenty-four hours wins. As Sado's match begins, Ichigo calls Orihime to the living room and asks her where Kazui is. One day, when Ichigo was twelve, prior to the Kurosaki Clinic opening, he heard the bell ring and answered the door to find a girl with her brother on her back. Saying there is no way they can figure out how to fight such a monster and they will have to simply cut it repeatedly until it succumbs to its injuries, Ichigo, charging towards the Menos, attacks its leg, but is knocked back by the unfazed Menos. In this fight, Ichigo and All Might will charge at each other with all they've got, and Ichigo will only narrowly avoid All Might's first blow. Revealing he always knew Ulquiorra was stronger, Ichigo states nothing he sees him do will stop him from fighting. Kūgo says Ichigo saw him bathed in Reiatsu, which is why he cut Ichigo's eyes, as that is proof Ichigo is beginning to regain his Shinigami powers. When Yoruichi tells them only those who are truly ready for the task can go, Ichigo says everyone gathered there has already made their decision and will go to Soul Society. This is the first time we reviewed a set on katana in LEGO alike brick form. [198] As Ichigo tries to dismiss this notion, the arrival of two Arrancar in Karakura Town causes Ichigo to rush off. [130], That night, Ichigo, taking the leftovers from dinner to give to Rukia, finds she is gone. In the second stage, his remaining Reiatsu stabilizes, he wakes up, and the remainder of his spiritual power completely disappears. Using his inner Hollow's power, Ichigo defeats Zangetsu. After their conversation, Nozomi, healing Ichigo with Kidō, restores some of his Reiatsu before collapsing. As they fight, Nnoitra recognizes Nel as the former third Espada, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck. [237][238] Dordoni tries to convince Ichigo to use his Hollow mask, which he ultimately does, defeating Dordoni in an instant upon doing so. Urahara has Ururu Tsumugiya attack Ichigo, and she lunges at him, creating a large cloud of dust and debris. When he asks Renji if he had rescued him from the Dangai, Renji says he had not, leaving Ichigo to wonder who it could have been. As Ichigo and Orihime talk, Rukia, healing her, erases her memory of the event. [322], After the battle with Aizen, Ichigo, asking Urahara where everyone is, asks if everyone's memories have been erased. [340] Ichigo finds himself inside Kōga's inner world, where he defeats the ailing Muramasa. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Choosing to attack them directly, the trio, charging in, make use of Urahara's portable Gigai to distract the Reigai long enough for them to make it through the Senkaimon. After being lead into a network of caves by Yoruichi, Ichigo voices his concerns about Byakuya. As Tsukishima expresses his surprise at Ichigo mastering his Fullbring in such a short time, Ichigo tells him he arrived to kill him. [431] Sometime after the fighting ends, he is at Urahara's shop, waiting for Riruka to wake up so he can make sure she is okay. He asks Ichigo what he is fighting for, but when Ichigo does not answer him, Kūgo informs him of an enemy he should be fighting.[427]. He states that it will take 6,000 seconds for them to fully close again, causing Ichigo to realize what he is planning. As he tries to deliver a finishing blow, Byakuya stops him.[338]. Ichigo and Rukia are caught by very convincing Reigai fakes. After a burst of heat, Ichigo stands with his new Zanpakutō, which is now comprised of two distinct blades, and acknowledges both his Quincy powers and the real Zangetsu as being his Zanpakutō.[472]. As Ichigo's Reiatsu weakens, he deactivates his Bankai. When Tsukishima asks him if they are even now, Ichigo confidently stands up with his restored Bankai and confirms this.[518]. Ichigo talks to Orihime about the time they entered Soul Society to rescue Rukia. [571][572][573][574][575][576], Shunpo Expert: Though not particularly versed in its various techniques, Ichigo is proficient enough in the technique itself to keep up with and even surprise high-level Shinigami with his speed. As Orihime heals Tsukishima's arm, Ichigo is left unable to believe Sado and Orihime have become the same as the others. Urahara opens a Garganta to Hueco Mundo, and they enter the portal.[230]. Ichigo in complete Fullbring form, begins his assault on Tsukishima. When Yushima regains control, the pair mock each other until Kon, posing as a Reigai bringing medicine to Inaba, kicks him back and gives Ichigo a complete Mod Soul pill of his Reishi, restoring his Shinigami powers and manifesting Zangetsu. Ichigo fighting Renji in their second battle. As Ichigo protests, Renji tells him to stop making things worse. Later, after Quilge activates Quincy: Vollständig, the Tres Bestias regain consciousness and unleash Ayon against him. Unable to win, despite the help of Rukia, Ichigo is unintentionally saved by another Bount, Ryō Utagawa. [160] After spending some time in Rukongai, where he encounters and briefly fights Ganju Shiba, Ichigo and the others are brought to Kūkaku Shiba in search of a new means of entering Seireitei. Ichigo launches a Getsuga Tenshō at Yhwach. [330] Continuing to look for Byakuya, Ichigo, encountering Muramasa again, fights him, gaining the upper hand. [295] At the end of their battle, Ichigo attacks Aizen with a Getsuga Tenshō. While discussing his high grades with Keigo and Mizuiro, Ichigo notes his orange hair causes him a lot of trouble, as older students pick on him and teachers watch him closely, so he studies so the school does not complain about him. [129] The following day, when Rukia tells Ichigo not to pay attention to Uryū's injuries, Ichigo denies being worried. Showing Ichigo a Substitute Shinigami Badge, he tells him he believes Tsukishima wants to keep Ichigo away from them, and is using his attacks on Uryū and Orihime to get his attention. He points out how Uryū must have thought deeply about his decision, which calms Ichigo down and they discuss how they can take Uryū back. He likes to wear slim fitting clothes. [76] The next morning, Ichigo tracks the spirit inside the parakeet using Reiraku in order to find Sado. When Ichigo fears he might transform again, they go in search of another of Inaba's labs and his research so they can use it to stabilize Ichigo. Aside from that, Ichigo can determine the pattern of his opponent's battle methods and form a proper counter-strategy to defeat his opponent's attacks. Noting Ichigo has already made up his mind to rescue Rukia, Orihime, telling him to go save her, insists she does not want her friend to die either. [235] Breaking into Las Noches, Ichigo and his group split up. When she tells him to complain later, as there is a Hollow, Ichigo tells her he will not forgive her if it is not there this time, but they find nothing. When Kūgo says they will restore his Shinigami powers and add their own powers on top of that, Ichigo accepts this deal.[385]. Revealing their allegiance was a ruse, and Tsukishima had just returned him back to normal by cutting him a second time, Kūgo, merging the Substitute Shinigami Badge he had with his sword, tells Ichigo it is time to relieve him of his Fullbring, stabbing Ichigo through his chest. Entering the gate, Ichigo, Uryū, Orihime, Sado, and Yoruichi appear in the Dangai. After Ichigo reports his findings to the captains, he and Ikkaku find Hōzukimaru and Gegetsuburi. How long will the footprints on the moon last? Urahara reveals because Ichigo has no Reiatsu, he can move freely through the Dangai. As Tatsuki begins to lecture Ichigo on staying out so late, Tsukishima, telling Ichigo he called everyone, starts to call Sado and Orihime as well. [397], As Reiatsu from Ichigo's badge begins to engulf his right arm, Ichigo begins to tire. Watching in disbelief, Ichigo, grabbing Tsukishima, demands an explanation for why he is there. [381], That evening, when Ichigo arrives at the meeting place, he is greeted by Kūgo. However, they are all interrupted when Ichigo is stabbed through the shoulder by Shūkurō Tsukishima, who reveals that he has altered the past so that Tensa Zangetsu can be fixed at Kūgo's behest. Ichigo and company infiltrate Jin Kariya's mansion in search of Uryū. Muramasa liberates Ryūjin Jakka, who, covering Muramasa's escape, traps Ichigo and the other Shinigami.[336]. As Sado, trying to attack Ichigo, says he did not become strong to fight with Ichigo, he attacks again, and Ichigo is pushed outside from the force of the attack. [25][26] Despite claiming not to care about what other people think about him, he attempts to maintain a detached and "cool" image. After becoming a Shinigami, his senses have continued to improve with time, learning various advanced sensing techniques, such as using a spirit ribbon to find Yūichi Shibata (in bird form). Seven days after completing his training, Ichigo is summoned to the Urahara Shop. Ichigo has been trained in martial arts since he was a small child, both professionally and by his father. Telling Ichigo of his sensei's attempts to convince the Shinigami to work together with the remaining Quincy and how he died fighting a group of huge Hollows without achieving that goal, Uryū says he must prove the strength of the Quincy to the Shinigami. As Renji reveals Captain-Commander Yamamoto ordered all captains and lieutenants to put their Reiatsu into Urahara's sword to help bring back Ichigo's Shinigami powers, Hitsugaya tells him he did this because Ichigo was able to change Soul Society through his actions, and he should accept it proudly. [176] Ichigo helplessly looks on as Aizen, extracting the Hōgyoku from within Rukia, departs for Hueco Mundo. Renji begs him to rescue Rukia. Grabbing her shoulder, seeming distracted, Orihime, noticing Sado and Ichigo, asks why they are there. When Ichigo asks them if it is not enough that he protects her, he is told the Gotei 13 captains were defeated by Inaba's invasion force, which they will now have to face in Karakura Town. During a fight with a gang led by Reiichi Ōshima, Ichigo and Sado met Keigo Asano and Mizuiro Kojima, saving the former in the process. When a distraught Ichigo asks Kūgo to give his power back, Kūgo states it was the power he gave to Ichigo, and it belongs to him. [100], While Yuzu and Isshin are watching Don Kanonji's Ghost Bust TV program one Wednesday evening, Ichigo asks Karin why she is not watching it with them. When Ichigo guesses Sado called her, Sado, arriving, confirms this, saying he knows Ichigo did not want to get Orihime wrapped up in this, but they will need her. When Ichigo brushes it off as nothing, Kenpachi kicks him away, "proving" it to be more than nothing. See more ideas about Bleach ichigo bankai, Bleach, Bleach anime. [515], Soon afterward, Ichigo coughs up blood after being attacked by Yhwach, who grabs him by the head while noting that he expected more of a fight from Ichigo. The Hollow mask was originally a sign of Ichigo's possession by his inner Hollow, but after his training with the Visored, it merely indicates he is utilizing his Hollow powers. Ichigo's registry number in Xcution was 007. [128] As the Menos retreats, Ichigo, claiming victory, collapses as his Zanpakutō begins to destabilize. They rush to Orihime's apartment, where Ichigo manages to stop the Hollow before it eats Orihime's and Tatsuki's souls.[73]. Saying Grand Fisher is not dead, Ichigo walks off. [216] The fight is brought to a close when Kaname Tōsen forces Grimmjow return to Hueco Mundo. Where is Jesse De-Wilde son of Brandon deWilde? [361], Ichigo, Urahara, and Kon are able to escape, but Ichigo's inner Hollow begins to act up again, leading Urahara and Kon to insist he stay behind to be safe. See more ideas about bleach ichigo bankai, bleach, bleach anime. After throwing Yoruichi out of the palace, Yhwach places his hand on the Soul King, but Ichigo attempts to attack him, only to be distracted by another attack from Uryū. Rukia explains to Ichigo Hollows defeated by a Zanpakutō are purified and sent to Soul Society. As a bright light appears above him, a mysterious figure reaches for him. Ichigo is told to stay back as Sado and Uryū engage the two Arrancar by themselves. Ichigo later contacts Urahara[473] and he prepares to return to Seireitei. When he hits and cuts her face, Ururu kicks him into a rocky outcropping. Partly healed by Nel, Dordoni attacks Ichigo, who, blocking the attack, runs away with Nel after Dordoni gives his life to keep the Exequias from stopping them. Ichigo protecting Orihime and Nel from Grimmjow's attack. Its been a while already since one of the most popular anime series, Bleach has finally been put to an end in its anime series since March 27, 2012, However, the manga series of the said anime hasn't been stopped yet so there might be an upcoming video series release for the manga arc sometime later. Along with, Rukia, Uryū, and Sado, Ichigo spars with Nozomi, who absorbs some of the incoming attacks. [392] Arriving to find Orihime kneeling in front of her door, they ask her if she is alright. [163] Upon exiting the sewers, Ichigo is confronted by Renji, who gravely injures Ichigo in their ensuing battle. Ichigo attacks the Soul King against his will. [519] After being pushed back by an energy attack from Yhwach, Ichigo glares at him as Yhwach questions why he did not have Orihime heal him before he came here. Telling Urahara he told Isshin he would be sleeping over at a friend's house, he asks Urahara to teach him well. Asking him if he intends to follow him home, Uryū notes he had noticed him spying on him from the classroom doorway. Remembering she saw the Hollow who attacked the house when he first met Rukia, Ichigo realizes she might be able to see Shinigami too. Initially, it was a thick brown belt to hold his Zanpakutō sheath, but it later became a red rosary-like strap after awakening his own Shinigami powers. Captain Ukitake tells them Orihime was taken by an Arrancar, and might have been killed. After Muramasa disappears, Zangetsu, assuring Ichigo he has returned to normal, reveals Muramasa can forcibly unleash one's deepest instincts and warp them so one cares only about those desires, regardless of the consequences.[329]. [497] As Ichigo and the others prepare themselves, they are interrupted by Yukio informing them that he will not be leaving the box to fight. Stating they were not the real Renji and Ikkaku, Yoruichi, revealing they were Reigai, tells Ichigo she has no idea how many Reigai have infiltrated the Gotei 13, but speculates the 12th Division's SRDI may have something to do with it. [568][569][570] Since attaining the true form of Zangetsu, he has displayed great skill at wielding both blades at once without any trouble. Though unsure if he can become strong enough in ten days, Ichigo agrees to Urahara's deal.[139]. When Mimihagi appears and stabilizes the Soul King, Ichigo looks at it in shock. [339] As the amount of Hollows keeps increasing, Muramasa, absorbing all nearby Hollows, becomes a Hollow himself. [513], However, Yhwach immediately breaks off part of Tensa Zangetsu's blade and his horn, seemingly without moving. His voice has a slight Hollow echo to it. Ichigo sees the thief he had previously beaten up with them. As the others fight, Ichigo and Shū enter the compound. Unable to absorb Hollow-based Reishi, Yushima is completely overwhelmed. [288][289], Jumping out of the Garganta, Ichigo, trying to defeat Aizen in one blow, is blocked by a barrier. Not wanting to fall for a trap, Ichigo is hesitant to listen to Uryū. As Ichigo proposes a five minute time limit, Urahara draws a blade from within his cane. [307] Explaining about the Dangai's time distortion, Isshin, suppressing the restrictive current, says he can give Ichigo three months to get information from Zangetsu about this ability. Rukia drags Ichigo off, prompting him to complain about the rumors regarding them. Continuing his explanation, Aizen states Urahara, planting the Hōgyoku inside Rukia's soul to hide it, gave her a Gigai which would ultimately reduce her to a normal Human.

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