Visit him at the Vancouver Aquarium August 6 to September 30, open 8:30am to 5:00pm in Stanley Park (845 Avison Way). They are playful, cuddly and oh-so-adorable. They watch his growth, which seems to occur before their eyes, and talk to staff members looking after him. Whales and the Carbon Cycle, Below the surface: the impacts of COVID-19 on marine mammals, Report Your Cetacean Sightings with Our New App, The BCCSN Welcomes BC Ferries to the Whale Trail, And the Award for Top Cetacean Reporter Goes To…, Unexpected Urban Whales: City Slicker Cetaceans Sighted During Coronavirus, Accreditation Reflects Excellence in Aquatic Conservation. sea otter pups require around the clock care and are normally incredibly Ocean Wise Marine Mammal Rescue Centre in Vancouver where he has been receiving December 20, 2013. To support the Aquarium’s conservation and education efforts and the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, visitors can symbolically adopt a sea otter by purchasing an Aquadopt Kit. (Animal encounters are limited and must be booked in advance.) Can't get enough? We went to visit Tanu, Katmai, Mak, Kunik, Rialto and Hardy. “Even with the doors to the aquarium closed, we can get lots of people from around the world having an aquarium-type experience because of Joey.” The hope is that Joey fans turn their interest to the threats facing his species, and that they take action in the form of a donation. Now, stabilized and stronger, but deemed Photo courtesy Vancouver Aquarium. Mateo’s Deep Dive: An Online Learning Adventure, Winnipegger on guard for oceans: Ocean Bridge’s Kirsten Desorcy profiled in Manitoba newspaper, Adding Oil to a Warming Arctic: Potential Impacts Up the Food Chain. this summer, just days old and near a deceased “It will be quite a change when it comes to an end,” she says, “but I’ll hold on to the fact that he’ll be loving life with the other otters.”. Vancouver Aquarium. A special one featuring Joey’s little snout was a hit, with 8,000 selling in two weeks. For Joey the Baby Sea Otter. It’s a strategy they’re considering, knowing the pandemic will affect operations for a while to come. When he first arrived, Joey needed constant grooming of his incredibly dense fur, feeding every two hours and even swimming lessons—all things his mother would have done for him in the first six months of his life. There is also a new addition Tazlina, who is fresh out of Alaska. This article appears in print in the December 2020 issue of Maclean’s magazine with the headline, “Adorable for dollars.” Subscribe to the monthly print magazine here. Patient Directory and Symbolic Adoption Program Operated by BC Marine Mammal Rescue Society The next day, she returned to the area to find a tiny otter pup—3.8 lb. An orphaned male sea otter pup has been given a second chance at life thanks to the Ocean Wise Marine Mammal Rescue Centre and Vancouver Aquarium. still listed as a species of ‘special concern’. and no more than two weeks old—squealing beside a dead adult otter presumed to be his mother. ‘The Masked Singer U.K.’’s Martine McCutcheon Shares Her Son’s Adorable Reaction As She Is Revealed As ‘Swan’, 5 cleaning tips from the company that’s all over Instagram, This Unexpected Vitamin May Help Weaken COVID Symptoms, Electric vehicle battery safety becomes a priority for US regulators, No new COVID-19 cases: Nunavut moves to lift remaining lockdowns in two communities, Illinois House speaker 'suspends' campaign for retention, Kelowna SPCA adopts out ‘kennels’, not just animals, as part of fundraising campaign, Samsung releases stellar, sleek new home appliances to kick off 2021, NBA calls off 2 more games over virus-related concerns, Martin Markinson Dies: ‘Torch Song Trilogy’ Producer, Broadway Theater Rescuer Was 89, Second patient tests positive at Waypoint's high-security unit, 15 Nifty Valentine's Day Gifts for Those You Love (Yes, Including Yourself), Tale of the Tape: 2021 Kia Sorento vs. 2021 Toyota Highlander, Edmonton officer won't face criminal charges for firing gun after training, Portugal's president tests positive for COVID-19, has no symptoms, North American stock markets fall from Friday records in broad-based decrease, Samsung Galaxy S21 colors look really pretty in leaked photos, Ranking NFL's seven open head coaching jobs in 2021, including Philadelphia Eagles, from worst to first, Kate Hudson Hopes To ‘Connect’ With Her Estranged Father’s Children This Year, Sneaky Cat Steals The Weirdest Things From Her Neighbors To 'Gift' To Her Mom, This 'Optimism Training Plan' Will Improve Your Outlook in Just 5 Days, You Can Absolutely Make Fermented Hot Sauce at Home, There Will Be No Detroit Auto Show in 2021, Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article, William And Kate's Relationship Has Changed And Now We Know Why, Legend Who Bought Apple at $1.42 Says Buy This Now, The Best Live Bands Ever Ranked In Order (Beatles Not Top 5). Our experts have offered rescue and rehabilitation care for sea otters since the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska in 1989. And there’s some science to back up Joey’s therapeutic benefits. rescue of approximately 150 marine animals each year. READ: Sea otters are back with a worrying vengeance in B.C. And the Award for Top Cetacean Reporter Goes To... Research Initiative - Conservation Through Citizen Science, Monitoring killer whale body condition amidst a pandemic, Ocean Not Immune to Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic, Can Whales Mitigate Climate Change? Rescue Centre — a hospital for sick, injured or orphaned marine mammals — is “He brings a bit of light into my day,” says Georgina Tsang, a 22-year-old psychology student who lives in the U.K. She found that watching the feed, which she has open in a browser tab at all times, relaxed her during stressful moments, much as a therapy animal might. The occasion to meet Vancouver Aquarium mascot Ollie the Sea Otter every morning. The video feed, he notes, lays bare how much care some rescue marine animals require. adult sea otter, presumed to be his mother. this summer, just days old and near a deceased adult sea otter, presumed to be his mother. “He’s really been our ambassador for the work that we do and why it’s important,” says Douglas. ‘Joey’ was discovered Rialto the sea otter, all grown up. His fans were able to symbolically “adopt” him for $35, with the money going toward his care and food (otters eat 25 per cent of their body weight every day), as well as the operation of the Vancouver Aquarium, which has faced grave financial problems in the … Adopt a Seal $35. Mammal Rescue Centre hotline at 604.258.SEAL (7325)  or Fisheries and If you would like to support Joey from afar, you can symbolically adopt him with an online donation here. In September, the aquarium was closed for a second time during the pandemic, this time to rethink its business model amid an 80 per cent decline in ticket sales. Vancouver Aquarium is asking for your help to name a tiny rescued sea otter pup, after it was found crying and distressed off Vancouver Island in June. Animal Care. “Everything from learning to groom himself, to swimming and feeding—these are People stuck in their homes can check in on the otter no matter where in the world they live. Lindsaye Akhurst, manager of the Ocean Wise Marine Mammal Rescue Centre. Hi Joey, I have joined the group of adoptee parents. The otter pup’s tiny front paws, downy fur, baleful squeaks and generally heart-bursting cuteness are attracting not only viewers, but donors as well. Adopt a Beluga for the Holidays. re-introduced to British Columbia. Ocean Wise is celebrating ‘World Oceans Day’ for the entire month of June! The otter’s pandemic-weary fans watch as he eats, sleeps, plays and is groomed by his caretakers (Photograph by Felicia Chang). New seaweed hand sanitizer is good for your hands and good for the earth, Réservez la date! The opportunity to get up close with these charismatic critters during a sea otter encounter. The Ocean Wise Marine Mammal The Vancouver Aquarium-based Ocean Wise Marine Mammal Rescue Centre — which serves as a hospital for sick, injured or orphaned marine mammals — is unique in Canada, operating under the authorization of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Adopt an Otter. A few weeks later, as the otter recovered, the centre tried something it had never done—a YouTube livestream dedicated solely to the wriggly pup now known as Joey (so named after a donor to the rescue centre). Shows Spotlight on sea otters. For Joey the Baby Sea Otter Your kind gift today will help support the emergency care for our newest patient - Joey, a tiny sea otter pup. Baseball Hall of Fame debate: Defensive wizard Andruw Jones trending towards Cooperstown? Joey is an orphaned sea otter pup rescued by the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre and now living at the Vancouver Aquarium. For one international Joey fan, he’s more than just entertainment. WATCH: An Otterly Adorable Vancouver Aquarium Livestream ... a baby sea otter who was discovered earlier this summer on a beach in Kyuquot, British Columbia. Photo: Ocean Wise/Vancouver Aquarium. Oceans Canada incident reporting hotline at 1-800-465-4336. Adopt now. A rescued sea otter is getting a fresh outlook on life. A few factors contributed to Joey’s fame, but his keepers think pandemic circumstances played a big part. all things mom would normally have taught him in the wild and Joey didn’t have We’ve always been dedicated to keeping marine life health and thriving. Thank you, Arlene hope to introduce him to the other rescued otters at the Vancouver Aquarium so Joey’s rehabilitation has been intensive as The male pup, then estimated to be between two and four weeks old, was spotted by boaters, after it began following their boat while crying out. Centre and Vancouver Aquarium. The sea otter pup rescued after it was found crying off Vancouver Island in June finally has a name after Vancouver Aquarium held a public vote.. patient, the goal is to treat, rehabilitate and return it to the wild as soon “We’ve had newly built nursery. Last week was Otter Awareness Week at the Vancouver Aquarium. He was flown by seaplane to the initiative. In the 1970s sea otters were Fascinated that a sea otter from another continent could have this effect, the aspiring psychologist informally surveyed nearly 500 of Joey’s fans to see if they felt the same way (they did). Just like all the other otters at the aquarium, Taz, is a rescue otter discovered by fisherman in April as an abandoned newborn. feeding times with his care team between his many naps. Sea otters are easily the most charismatic creature at the Vancouver Aquarium. Those wanting to help can ‘adopt’ the young pup to help support his ongoing care and rehabilitation independent we’re excited to watch his progress as he masters all these skills. in July, approximately 10 days old and near a deceased adult sea otter, presumed to be his mother.He was transported to Vancouver's Ocean Wise Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, where he has been receiving … Founded in June 1998, the Aquarium of the Pacific is a 501©3 non-profit organization. Vancouver, B.C. Our dedicated team of experts provide 24/7 … His fans were able to symbolically “adopt” him for $35, with the money going toward his care and food (otters eat 25 per cent of their body weight every day), as well as the operation of the Vancouver Aquarium, which has faced grave financial problems in the wake of pandemic shutdowns and restrictions. While B.C. What’s Haunting Your Shoreline This Halloween? The Oregon Coast Aquarium is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Newport, on the beautiful Oregon Coast. Those interested in helping support Joey's intensive care and rehabilitation journey can "adopt" the pup, or otherwise donating to the Rescue Centre.. options after rehabilitation. Sea otter experts at Monterey Bay Aquarium rehabilitated her until she found a permanent home at Shedd. How this baby otter is helping keep Vancouver Aquarium afloat. Ocean Wise young leaders named to Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25, Webinaire : « Découvrez notre Saint-Laurent », Ocean Wise recognizes top ‘whale reporters’ of 2019, Urgent call for help to re-open Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, Seal-ed with a kiss: Couples wild about volunteering spend quality time at Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, New TV series will feature the work of Ocean Wise Marine Mammal Rescue team, ‘Berni’ the tropical sea turtle slowly warms to new MMRC environment, Rescued Northern sea otter Tazlina jets in from Alaska, New Drop Cam System Captures Rockfish Images, Whitecaps FC and Vancouver Aquarium bring you ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ face masks, From postcards to fish packs: Vancouver Aquarium gives thanks to our amazing community supporters, Rescued sea otter and global YouTube star ‘Joey’ featured on new Whitecaps FC facemask in support of Vancouver Aquarium. journey. “We’ve had other otter pups in the past that have captured people’s hearts—locally, anyways,” says Mackenzie Neale, director of animal care at the Vancouver Aquarium, which is also run by Ocean Wise. six other rescued sea otters at the Vancouver Aquarium, an Ocean Wise The stream, which gave way in October to a new, higher-resolution one, garnered nearly six million views in its first three months, while highlight clips uploaded to the centre’s YouTube channel each received hundreds of thousands of views. Quiet Oceans: Has the COVID-19 crisis reduced noise in whale habitats? Just days old and alone (his mother is thought to have died), ... you can virtually "adopt" Joey for a $35 donation. The occasion to meet Vancouver Aquarium mascot Ollie the Sea Otter every morning. the Vancouver Aquarium with a team of animal care experts to monitor his “We just have to accept that reality,” says Douglas, “and look at other creative ways to keep all of those Joey fans engaged.” The ultra-popular feed, he notes, has been an interactive backstage pass to the life of just one otter; the aquarium houses tens of thousands of animals, and perhaps turning the camera to others will yield another star. sea otters, sea lions, sea turtles, elephant seals, whales, dolphins, and As Joey grows up, he’ll be integrated with the aquarium’s other resident otters and his latest livestream may come to an end. To symbolically adopt Joey or another rescue patient at the Marine … And the Vancouver Aquarium isn’t the only one in the Pacific Northwest with sea otter cams, as the Seattle Aquarium also has a Sea Otter Cam ! In the video, an otter is seen squirming around on the snow clasping a snowball in its hand. Catching up with Ocean Bridge alum Aira Sarmiento, Artists for Ocean Wise – new colouring app in support of Vancouver Aquarium. In addition, the … With that, a pandemic social media star was born: on a 24-7 feed, viewers were able to watch Joey eat, sleep, play and be groomed by his caretakers. Congratulations to Rob Clark for receiving The Order of Canada! If you see marine wildlife in “It’s giving people something when so much has been taken away,” Neale says. The veterinary team provides medical treatment to harbour seals, The sea otter pup, named Joey, already captured hearts around the world after he was discovered on a beach in Kyuquot, B.C. There’s something for everyone in this ocean-friendly holiday book guide, Ocean Wise Explains: Wild Capture Fishery Recommendations. Vancouver Aquarium will be able to watch Joey’s rehabilitation journey in his the only one of its kind in Canada. Your email address will not be published. Checking in on Joey, the rescued baby otter ─ live from his habitat ... at the Vancouver Aquarium Joey is an orphaned sea otter pup rescued by the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre and now living at the Vancouver Aquarium. In addition to Ellie, Shedd's current sea otter group also includes rescues Kiana, Luna, Cooper and Watson. It helps, she adds, that he’s “probably one of the cutest things on the planet.”. The Vancouver Aquarium has an adorable new resident. Tiny male sea otter rescued by Vancouver Aquarium A tiny, two to four-week-old male sea otter is getting 24-hour care after he was found swimming alone in open waters off northern Vancouver … ), NHL to host 2 outdoor games in Lake Tahoe this season, Milbury out, Babcock in for NHL broadcasts on NBC, The 6 Beauty Products You Need to Recreate a Modern ’90s Vibe, 9 Ways to Build Muscle Fast, According to Trainers, How to Cook Quinoa Perfectly Every Single Time, NASCAR Xfinity Series Competitors Will Settle Their Problems at the Beef 300, More than half Manitoba's active COVID-19 cases are in First Nations population, House Democrats plan to vote Wednesday to impeach Trump, Sarnia fears thousands of job losses if Michigan blocks Enbridge's Line 5 pipeline, 17 super popular toys you can buy at Walmart right now, Expectations are high, but Habs' GM Bergevin won't predict a Cup in team's immediate future, Report: Company tells radio hosts stop stolen election talk, These Are the Best Straighteners for Every Hair Type and Need, More than $180K raised for 'selfless' Regina social worker after unexpected cancer diagnosis, The Fudgy Snacking Cake That Won Your Hearts (& Our Recipe Contest), Geely to Build Smart EVs with Chinese Tech Company Baidu, Concerns mount over hospital capacity as Ontario hits 5K COVID deaths, Going big: US dispensing shots at stadiums and fairgrounds, Canadians are preparing for a triple financial hit, warns Credit Canada, PSA: Amazon's Having a Secret Sale on Weighted Blankets. While populations are growing, they are Meantime, fans and donors in the Joey-verse have a catalogue of the best moments from the first few months of his life to watch over and over. 98-0050185 (USA). I always seem to catch him at grooming time on the baby otter cam. Hypothermic and hungry, the pup was flown 300 km to Vancouver’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre (MMRC), operated by non-profit conservation organization Ocean Wise. Joey the otter (Photograph by Felicia Chang), In August, after the Department of Fisheries deemed him non-releasable, Joey was permanently transferred from the rescue centre to the aquarium, where his livestream continued and his celebrity could not be more welcome. Along with symbolic adoptions and community fundraisers, Ocean Wise has collaborated with the Vancouver Whitecaps, the Major League Soccer team, to create a popular collection of non-medical face masks. The male pup was between two and four weeks old when he was spotted by boaters, after it began following their boat while crying out. Now each day I look forward to seeing you. Joey’s young age and inability to survive on his own were part of rescues, rehabilitates and releases more than 120 animals each year; For every Here’s a list of what’s on: Daily sea otter feeds and enrichment sessions at the sea otter habitat throughout the day God Bless Joey, his future friends he will meet at the aquarium and the caretakers. Our mission is to create unique and engaging experiences that connect you to the Oregon coast and inspire ocean conservation. Now we need your help to keep thriving too. Walter, who goes by the nickname of Wally, is spending his days at the Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre where he often plays in the water and has even become friends with a fellow otter. And for the first time ever, visitors to the The aquarium closed from March until late June under COVID-19 restrictions. Other otters have won hearts and donations for the aquarium, but this is no ordinary joy. Checking in on Joey, the rescued baby otter ─ live from his habitat at the Vancouver Aquarium. Since then, he has moved on to solid food and is old enough to meet other otters at the aquarium.

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